Deo Tibba Expedition

    4600 Meters (Max. Elevation)
    11-12 Days


A favourite trekking route present spectacular scenario all around . Deo Tibba is a very technical Manali Valley peak set that is highly popular among those climbers that have a lot of mountaineering knowledge. This is a trek that is really pleasant and takes you to the Gaddi shepherds grazing pastures and near the Chandertal Lake blue waters offering tremendous Deo views of the lynching glaciers. It is a sight that is breath - taking and absolutely every single trekker that gets there is left fascinated.

Detailed Itinenary

Day 1

Manali / Jagatsukh / Khanaul (Drive 1 Hrs.) – Trek to Chhika 3 hrs The 1st day 14kms drive and trek begins at Khanool on the left bank of Beas River after which the trail winds upwards alongside the Dhaungan Nullah. The Manali valley appears far below and to the east lays the mighty mountain–Deo Tibba. Along, the way to Khanaul green forests with and amazing variety of vegetation dot the way. The six kms long trail goes along an alpine plateau and is almost a gradual incline. All around the trail lay excellent rock climbing hills. Overnight camp at Chhika.

Day 2

Chhika / Seri (3900m.) 4hrs Today the trail continues uphill for five km and the sudden appearance of Deo- Tibba is breathtaking. Seri was once a glaciated lake, but is now a meadow carpeted with an astounding variety of herbs and alpine flowers. One can have a good view in this fairy- land beneath a clear blue sky twinkling with a million stars. Overnight camp at Seri.

Day 3

Seri / Tainta Alpine Plateau 3hrs. (base camp) Today from Seri cross the main Nullah and climb steeply alongside a waterfall to Tenta a small cave shelter.. The flora enthusiast will have a wonderful time trying to identify the hundreds of flowers growing everywhere.

Day 4

Base camp(Tainta) (4070m) Preparation for climbing up to the advance camp and acclimatization walk.

Day 5

Base camp / Camp-1 / Base camp. (4/5 hrs) Ferry load to camp-1 via dhugan Col, dump the material and come back to the base camp. Ahead is a steady climb to the glacial lake of Chandratal over alpine meadows. and the tiny lake provides some excellent views of Deo-Tibba and other peaks of Manali and Spiti ranges. Moving on to camp-1 at Dhugan Col the route crosses the Deo tibba Glacier and takes a steep slope of between 45 and 55 degrees for around 300 meters. The climbing is mixed on snow, rock and Ice to cover this portion of the climbing to the Col. Rope can be fixed on this section depending on the current condition.

Day 6

Base camp / Camp-1 (4600m) (3 hrs) Establish camp-1 and recky for the further rout for the camp-2

Day 7

Camp-1 / Camp-2 / Camp-1 (4 hrs) Ferry load to camp-2. This day again you have to travel on glacier and snow. And back to camp-1 for over night stay.

Day 8

Camp-1 / Camp-2 (5200m) ( 3 hrs) Establish camp-2 and recky for the next destination.

Day 9

Camp-2 / Summit Peak (6001m) / Camp-1 This day early in the morning you have to move ahead to summit the peak through the snow field. From this point on deo tibba and its neighbor Indrasan (6221) are visible and for the climbers moving at a good pace it is only an additional hour from this point onwards following the left side of the upper glacier. Because of Deo Tibba’s giant snow dome covering it is a relatively easy final ascent. The slope steepness to around 50 degree just below the summit for about 50 meters. The summit itself is quite a wide expanse able to accommodate all climbers.

Day 10

Camp-1 / Base camp Windup Camp-1 and descend down to the base camp.

Day 11

Base Camp / Chhikka

Day 12

Chhikka /Khanool / Jagatsukh / Manali ( in the same way back to Manali).

It is also possible that a route change may become necessary due to inclement weather, inaccessibility through the mountain passes due to heavy snow, condition of the trail and physical fitness of the clients, and other cause beyond human control.


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